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Polished Edge

A polished edge may also be known as a eased or pencil edge. This profile offers a clean sleek finish to your countertops! 

Quarter Round Edge

Quarter Round edge profiles are similar to that of the polished but with a slight radius to the top edge. This edge profile pairs nicely with traditional designs. 

Half Bullnose Edge

A Half Bullnose edge profile gives a rounded top with a flat bottom. This profile is great for highly functional kitchen and provides safety assurance. With this edge water will roll smoothly off the countertop preventing damage to underlying cabinets. 

Full Bullnose Edge

A Full Bullnose Edge Profile demonstrates a rounded top and bottom making the edge appear thinner. This edge design is commonly known as a classic choice for your home. 

Demi Bullnose Edge

The Demi Bullnose profile is much like the half bullnose with the exception that the curve extends further back on the countertop. This edge choice will help make the countertop appear thicker while highlighting the details of your stone!

Quarter Bevel Edge

A Quarter Round Profile offers a quarter-inch radius to the edge. This simple yet elegant edge provides a perfect alternative to a commonly rounded profile. 

Half Bevel Edge

A Half Bevel Profile much like the Quarter Bevel offers a half-inch radius to the edge. This edge will present your kitchen with a more modern look. 

Ogee Edge 

The Ogee edge is among the most popular of profiles. The S-shaped curve to the edge provides a sophisticated look to any kitchen design. 

Chiseled Edge 

The Chiseled Profile offers a raw look to the edge of the stone. This edge will give a natural appearance to the edge profile while also being safe from any sharp edges or corners. 

Laminated (double-thick) Edge

The Laminated Profile consist of the process of attaching a second layer of stone at the edge profile. This will provide your countertops with a thick appearance and details that show a truly custom touch to your kitchen. 

Miter Edge

Much like the Laminated edge the Miter profile provides a separate piece of stone making the countertop appear thicker. Although, this elegant profile is attached at a 45 degree angle at the corners allowing for a more seamless look. This is a great way to add value and beauty to your kitchen. 

Consider these other more custom profiles!!

Triple Waterfall Edge

Much like the Ogee edge this adds a elegant look while providing your kitchen with a uniquely custom design. 


This Waterfall profile makes a 90 degree angle at the edge of your countertop and then turns down the side of the base to the floor. This is a popular design that will add the finishing touch to your kitchen. 

Ogee plus Bullnose Laminated Edge

This is a very unique edge profile that we have provided many customers with. This edge profile is sure to be a crowd pleaser and leave an impression on anyone that view it in your home! 

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